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Digital marketing demystified and done right. Think increasing outlets for your brand and revenue for your shop and leads, for your service, not just "impressions" and "clicks". Find out what's possible.


Click any of the terms you don’t understand to have it explained in simpler terms. But of course, if you already know these, keep scrolling!

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Search Engine Marketing

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We pledge you'll always be in communication with someone who knows what they are doing. The same person who works on your site, will meet and discuss your needs with you. Because, that's really how it should be.

How do we do it without being too expensive? We'll keep your secrets, keep ours too. But for starters, let's just say a lean, agile team can work wonders more than a medium to large team of average people. Start growing your presence now from as low as RM50 per day.

services provided

We make it easier for you to be found online when people search for you, in organic results on Google whether in Malaysia or other countries. And to create content that ranks well in SERPs, aside from your main site that supports what you’re doing.

We’ll make sure your ads are seen by more people than your competitors without breaking the bank.

You’ve put in effort into making your videos – you should make sure they are seen. We make it easy for your videos to be seen by the right people. Whether it’s pre-roll or short unskippable ads.

We help you conceptualise stylish content and engaging captions that fits the audience on Instagram – as well as run it. 

We can help you shortlist and engage the right micro / macro influencers. Let our founder tell you what sponsorships he’s personally gotten – even for surgery! After all, he was one of the pioneers in the blogging / influencer scene in Malaysia. 

All you need for Facebook Ads. You’ll believe that we know Facebook pretty well, especially once you check out the 1 hour video of our founder talking about the Facebook algorithm at the end of this page.

We not only make good looking sites. We also make sure they load fast.

And yes, we can make your website ready to sell! And even help you to increase your average cart size, we work with companies like Hoolah that allows for buy now, pay later arrangements – to be plugged in to your  WooCommerce.

Of course you’ll need this for your website.

We’ve set up over 90 e-mails for just one of our clients before on Google Suite. It’s really convenient – the user friendliness of Google with the professionalism of your own domain name.

Don’t know how to set up your business on Google? Having problem receiving your postcard? Work with us – we’ve a Level 5 local guide with over 1,000,000 views on photos and who has set up over 50 locations on Google Maps / Google My Business

we help you get found & demystify data

We implement the combination of SEO, SEM and copywriting skills that help your site be discovered by more people. We demystify what your analytics are reporting, and help you get better numbers over time.

skilled web development

With a founder that's been making websites since before the year 2000. Deliciously designed to be detailed and adaptive. Try viewing this website on mobile and desktop - or even by rotating your phone without portrait lock, and it will adapt.

Lower Average CPC, more conversions

Wonder how it's possible even when keywords are so expensive? We combine behavioural ads with display targeting. (Yes, it's not as simple as clicking boost post). In some cases, we've managed to reduce our clients average CPC by over 800%.

Perfecting conversion funnels

We not only use technical know-how when targeting ads, but also convincing copywriting as well as impactful imagery. It all works together to convince your customers, and that's how we perform for our clients - and give you an edge over your competitors.

websites that make money for you faster

Based on a Google study, when average load time drops from 20 seconds to 2 seconds, users are 50% less likely to leave your site. We not only fully optimise websites for our clients for faster loading, we also guide and implement web hosting & caches for them.

saving your site

A lifesaver for your digital marketing difficulties. Experience brought us this far, and you'll be surprised how quickly some things can be resolved with the right know how. Contact us and find out how we help our clients in solving difficulties other agencies couldn't.
recent works

Here's what we've done recently

For us, it's about websites and marketing that responds to the user, and tell your brand story as the user scrolls. And of course, performs for your business and achieves your objectives, as well as looking good while doing it.


Results for client in technical services.
Because it’s not just about looking good at one size or on a certain page, it should be for all states and sizes.

Click play to view how this site we made can adapt and show content as the user scrolls, clicks and interacts without the user having to wait to load new pages and content.


Results for client in e-commerce industry. Keyword ads are expensive. And display ad performance can be very variable. But our know-how on customising ad targeting makes for ads that can delivery low cost per click (RM32 for 970+  clicks!), as well as sales conversion. (4 – 7.5X return on ad spend!)

Large campaign SHOWCASE

Results for client in food sector  

Actual proof to show we’re comfortable handling large amounts of ad spend, and achieving great results over time that meet objectives – whether you want more consumers to know about your business, or get leads for potential partners and more. 

It’s an important point to note that the client would not have been comfortable spending this much, if we weren’t also the ones that were making sure that the clicks were going to a landing page(s) we designed to convert.

Rest assured that your ad budget is in good hands with us.  


Results for client in clinical industry. 

One digit bounce rates are almost unheard of, but it’s possible if your content is highly relevant and easily found.

Note also that the average session duration is more than 2 minutes long.

After our SEO optimisation, the site average position of 11.3 to 6.3, in less than two weeks. For most queries, that’s the difference between being on the first or second page in search engine results 

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What our clients have to say

Here's what our clients who work closely with us think:

It was nice working with your creative team. I look forward to doing more interesting projects in the future! Thanks for the great experience and the opportunities that you give to the new generation of designers!



I met so many interesting people over the last couple of months, who proved to stay ahead of the modern technologies in the world of branding and web design. I loved working with you all, thank you so much!



This is an ideal community for brainstorming. I get inspired by your creativity, enthusiasm, and devotion to your job. Thank you for staying open-minded about the new trends in the world of design and marketing.

Mike Walker

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About Josh Lim

My name is Josh - and I'll be your liason and help you with your digital strategy. I've been in digital marketing & web design since I was 17, more than half my life now, and speaking of age, I have the same birth day the world wide web was drafted as a white paper by it's inventor Tim Bernes Lee (August 6). I have worked extensively in the industry, with a diverse and prominent clients - right now, my goal is to focus on one client per industry and grow my practice together with their business for the long term. Let's make things happen!

JOSH LIM: +60123995674 (Whatsapp or call)
Pricing Plans

Our Flexible plans will

We believe in our capacity to bring growth to your business, and our pricing models reflects it. Lean reporting, rapid updates and quick turn around times are achievable when both sides commit to bring them to fruition.



Choose from various services, from a refreshingly reasonable amount. Discounts and extra services given with weekly payment disbursement.


  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Performance Ad Management (Eg Google, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Copywriting 
  • Content Creation
  • Website Design & Updates
  • Digital Business Strategy
  • Webmaster Services 
  • Campaign Conceptualization
Rewarding on both sides


Towards Fair Pricing & Mutual Business Growth
FEE+10%Of Ad Spend
  • We charge a basic management fee together with a percentage of the total of your ad spend.
  • Why both? It's not about how much you spend on a channel, it's our experience in optimising  ads with skilled effort so the channel performs for you.
  • After all, not all chefs can make good food even when given the same ingredients. The same applies to running paid ads and campaigns.
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