Hi, thought it would be useful to share some Search insights here with startups/businesses who are on a budget. I’ve a rare client who is *not* using paid ads for their business, just content marketing and who recently engaged me for SEO.
Here’s some useful tips I can share:
  • Single digit bounce rate is possible (though very rare!) and if it does happen, it usually does happen at a low traffic range (A bounce is when people leave your site almost immediately upon landing, so a low bounce rate is good)
  • Content can really push a site’s traffic – a lot of the traffic garnered to this site is from some well written content that ranks well for a certain keyword search, and surprisingly, not in the site’s main language (site main language is English, and the article is in BM). Will be working to funnel the traffic from the content marketing into garnering user data, and attempting to convert them to paid customers.
  • Generally though, if you *can’t* spend on ads due to regulations or *don’t* have the budget to, I suggest spending more time on producing content that is useful to your audience (for example, answering a frequently asked question that many of your customers would ask you, for instance). Having said that though, if you can advertise your business, I suggest you do (whether it’s on your own or engaging someone), simply put, even RM3-5 per day spent is better than RM0 spent, and this applies on whether it’s Google, Facebook or Instagram.
  • If you use Google Search Console, you can easily track what your average ranking is (this is the average number in order which your site places on Google’s page for *any* query). After optimisation, I managed to get it from an average position of 11.3 to 6.3, in less than two weeks. For most queries, that can be a significant difference between ending up on the first page and the second.

Want to get more done? Contact me at +60123995674 and let’s start increasing your site’s rank.

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