I like to think I’m somewhat decent in badminton – my most impressive shot was shooting a shuttlecock that hit my badminton coach on the head and even compensating for wind (it was a windy day). He immediately remarked “on purpose is it?”. I like to think he would been too proud of my accuracy to be angry at me. Hahah. This was back in high school, but I did play last year so I haven’t gotten too rusty.

Story from my past aside, I decided to take on a challenge – create a video for Axiata’s Up Your Game challenge.  Some of you probably may not know what Axiata is – they used to be known as TM International Berhad, and they own Celcom in Malaysia, as well as have majority  stake with a Indonesian telco (XL). Given badminton’s popularity on those areas, it makes sense for them to sponsor a badminton tournament.

I hope you enjoy my video contest entry :)


Consider making your own – it’s pretty worth it and is open to both Malaysians and Indonesians – check out the link to the video gallery for the submissions. The deadline has been extended to the 25th of March 2013, so set a day aside and give it a try! If you’re stuck for ideas, do check out the contest site and view the gallery, however you’re strongly encouraged to come up with your own original idea…tell you why in a bit!

Here’s how:

Click here for the contest site:



These are the prizes:

GOLD: Cash Prize Winning of MYR 5,000

SILVER: Cash Prize Winning of MYR3,000

BRONZE: Cash Prize Winning of MYR 1,500


The videos will be judged on the following criteria:


Basically make it fun, entertaining…and try something novel that someone else hasn’t done :) Besides the cash prizes, all winners also get:


- An exclusive ‘VIP experience’ to attend the Semi Finals and Finals of the Event to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 13th and 14th of April 2013 .

- Gifts from Axiata and sponsors of Axiata Cup 2013!


So give it your best shot! If you do enter the contest, drop a comment, I’ll love to check out the competition too lol :)


People keep sharing this although its false. I got this several times on Whatsapp, blogs, etc. It doesn’t help that there don’t seem to be any search results on Google about this.

It doesn’t hurt to check, and I know first hand because I did:


Screenshot of my correspondence with the Channel NewsAsia fanpage

But anyway, it’s fake – this was what was spreading around:

As seen on TV this morning on CNA (Channel News Asia) which is blocked in Malaysia TV, there is a syndicate of men/s in KL for the last 24hours stabbing and robbing their victims in broad daylight and crowded places. The 1st incident was yesterday at around 4pm in Puduraya as the girl was getting on a bus back to Ipoh, as she was going up the guy was coming down and of sudden she was stab but survive, she was rob only. Next incident at 5.30pm in Low Yat going across to Berjaya Time Square two girls after work heading to Berjaya from Low Yat one of them were stab and rob apparently she died from her injuries the other was not however harm. 3rd incident was in KLCC at 6.30pm another girl was stab and killed while she was heading to her car after work, as the CCTV showed the killer could only been seen from the back, it seem that he studied the place before committing the crime.
All this happen in a day with 1 hour apart from each other and suspected the same person. Some of the shopping complex has ordered to close or step up security.
Please to all my fellow ladies colleagues, again please ensure your surroundings and watch your step in crowded places. They want your money but also they do not you to identify them as they are not covered with mask. So please very careful. They have speculated that the person might be in Selangor and some of the shopping complex is on high alert. Precautions at Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley, One U and Subang Parade.

As members of the public, we’re concerned about crime, but spreading around false rumours isn’t going to make things easier.
There are no reports on Channel News Asia about people going around stabbing and robbing girls in KL. There’s plenty of crime la, but not that level of violence…sigh.
Also, Channel News Asia isn’t blocked in Malaysia – it shows on TM Unifi’s IPTV on Channel 122.
As a parting note, all of these below are real though, and from the past few months:

If you can, read this article before you read this post. It’s a great article written by a friend whom I often see while clubbing, Marina Suwendy.

Chasing The Dream – an interview with Tony Fernandes in The Star Malaysia

There’s some juicy stuff in there about the AirAsia/MAS reverse share swap, but the most interesting quote I got from the article was Tony commenting on why he bought the Queens Park Rangers (emphasis mine):

“I watched us lose 4-0 to Bolton. Then I bought the club. You don’t buy a club for just one season. You buy something when you see the potential for what it could be. It’s in London. It has a good fan base. It has the potential to build a great training academy. A great stadium. My whole life has been about building things. If you buy Manchester United — what are you buying? You’re buying someone else’s success. What could I do for Manchester United? At QPR, I can do loads.

Most of you are familiar with Tony’s story (Founder of AirAsia & the Tune Group, minority race in Malaysia, huge odds against him, etc) so I won’t elaborate, but its nice to see a once underdog root for another underdog.


Tony Fernandes is rarely in Zouk, but when he was, I took a picture with him.

I’ve made about 8 major ‘investments’ in people so far over the past few years. I can say that only 3 can be considered good investments. Enough to cover the mistakes made trusting the other five, and in time, to pay off many times in the next few years. Not being a drama queen about it, its not quite a simple “these fuckers hurt my feelings kind of thing”, but these people have made me lose friends and business, and two of them left me broke for almost a year. The worst part is for those four, the betrayal was intentional and it wasn’t quite a case of just abandoning me they got what they needed, they actively sought (and probably are still seeking) to wrangle what they can away.  But that’s life.

You only attract thieves if you have treasure.

What’s interesting is that of the ones that let me down, most were already “somewhere” in their life, and skilled. And most of the ones that have not let me down, were young and inexperienced to start with, but had potential, which I was lucky enough to spot.

Investing in people isn’t quite just about money. How do you invest in someone? Spending time with them. Developing them, and accepting their weaknesses, and co-opting some of their dreams together with your own. Maybe even start a business with them, or work with them somehow and build something great together. Like how you get better returns from shares if you invest early, the same can apply to people.

I’ll write more about this soon, its actually makes for a much longer story. But meantime -

Do you think there’s anyone you should be spending more time with, that you could grow together with?

I’ve chosen 2 more to trust this year with some very big things btw. Let’s hope that works out.

Also, something else I can learn from Tony Fernandes is remembering people & faces better.

I remember there was a time when I first met and talked to him at Hannah Tan’s birthday in Mont Kiara a few years back, then later a few months later, he was giving a speech at a young entrepreneur’s conference. He remarked that I had cut my hair. How awesome is that. Tony Fernandes remembered that I used to have long hair. Wow.

Remembering faces with names is hard for me – I have many times, said to some people apologetically ‘Sorry I can’t remember your name, but we first met at X and you were wearing X”. Somehow faces just don’t ‘process’ for me. I even forgot a very hot famous local actress repeatedly, but thankfully she was sweet about it. Nowadays I make it a point to visually associate more distinctive facial traits and their placement (eg a mole, birthmark, etc) with names.

So here’s to hopefully the rest of the year spent making better judgements of people, remembering people’s names and learning Mandarin. Okay, maybe I’m too old to learn Mandarin.

I’m writing this for a couple of guys I know who could do with this information. Particularly some who’ve had some really bad breakups AND/OR are having career troubles right now. However, I feel that a larger audience would find it useful, and thereby, I’m deciding to share it here.

Ideally, everyone would like to be in a proper relationship with one partner, and settle down. But not everyone has the luxury of letting that happen. And it is illogical to wait and do nothing before you meet that person. The best thing to do as a man is to prepare yourself career wise – because as much as you’ll like to think that money doesn’t matter to your dream girl, it does.

The last thing you want to do is miss out on the chance that you could have met your dream girl, but missed out she could not trust in your stability. Please take in the following information:

  • The poverty line is RM3000 for the urban poor. Yes, this means that if your household income is below RM3000, you are considered poor.  “If you have three children and your household income is RM3,000 or below, you’re almost at the poverty line,” Would you expect your wife to be able to work fulltime AND raise your child?
  • It costs RM1 million to raise a child from birth to 18 years old. Yes, even if you send them to government school.
  • A ‘proper’ wedding is at least RM30-50K, including the hotel, arrangements, photographer & videographer, etc.
  • A condo in PJ above 1000sq feet would cost you at least RM200K
  • From 2005 until 2010, the average inflation rate in Malaysia was 2.77 percent.
  • Petrol price in the year 2000: RM1.20. Petrol price in the year 2011: RM2.80

You know how Destiny’s Child had that song, ‘Independent Women’ about how they could afford to buy their own things? Look for one of their earlier singles, ‘Bills Bills Bills’ where they sing about looking for a man that could pay their telephone, credit card & automobile bills. Ironically, putting the two songs together, they still expect their man to pay for necessities, while the money that they make for themselves goes towards luxuries. A man’s job is to provide, and as much as gender roles have progressed, this won’t change in the years to come.

Of course, money is important, but the key thing here is the minimum effective – it’s not always the guy with the most money that will “win” the heart of a fair maiden, however there is a certain standard.

Most hot girls would have between 4-8 guys chasing them at any given time. She will probably say no, they are just friends. But you know that guy friend that’s been by her side, the one she tells her problems to, fetching her around, and tells everyone that they are friends, nothing going on between them…you know that guy friend is suddenly gonna be jealous when she gets serious with one of the guys that she goes out with.

Anyway, let’s say there are 6 guys chasing after the girl. One of them is you. For the purposes of this, let’s say you are (or aim to be) Guy C

  • Guy A: RM2,000 a month income, handsome, charming drives kapchai.
  • Guy B: RM6,000 a month income, damn handsome, damn charming,  drives Perodua
  • Guy C: RM8,000 a month income, average looking, moderately charming, drives Honda
  • Guy D: RM15,000 a month income, good looking, moderately charming, drives BMW.
  • Guy E: RM20,000 a month income, okay looking, moderately charming, drives Mercedes
  • Guy F: RM100,000 a month income, obese, ugly, not charming but sincere, drives Bentley (actually driver drives it for him).

Looking at this chart: It’s not necessarily the guy with the highest income will win. Or the most handsome one. (Given that personality is very subjective)

The minimum effective in this case is probably, RM6,000. Which puts Guy C in a good position to win, competing against guy B & D. Guys A, E & F are not necessarily in the race for various factors.

Essentially, personality, charm & sincerity count, but to put it in a certain way, you must have this much (a minimum effective) to play (or be in the running).

I expect some protests from the girls reading this…but before that, let me ask you two questions:

  • Have you ever went out with a guy who didn’t have a car? When was the last time?
  • Second, if you answered the first one with ‘yes, or recently’ – if you have before, why are you no longer with him?

My point exactly.


With that in mind, you guys reading this – choose a decent career that’s likely to give you a salary of RM6000 at least by the time you are 35.

  • If your colleagues have had only one pay increase in 4-6 years and you don’t see yourself being the exception, maybe you should leave.
  • Creative fields such as marketing, graphic arts, events, etc require less of a degree and more of a portfolio and practical experience.
  • If you lack leadership & speaking skills, but can spend a lot of time and effort on things, consider a professional job like engineering, auditing, etc.
  • The less people that can do your job, the more likely you are able to charge more for the work you do. For example, there’s was this guy that went around the world putting out oil fires (like when an oil pump catches fire). If you don’t remember your Science classes, oil floats on water – thereby it is hard to extinguish oil fires with water. You can imagine that he would make a lot of money, given that he is the only one, or 1 out of probably 20 people in the world that would know how to.
  • My point from the bullet above? Choose a job that doesn’t have TOO many people doing it already if you can. Or one where you think you can be in the top 20% in the field. While you’re still young.
  • There’s also a saying that goes it takes 1000 hours of practice to be an expert in something…so consider that before you consider switching fields too often.

Good luck. May you be able to afford your dream girl when you find her.

How can you NOT know about Brand’s Essence of Chicken? Ever since I was young (which really is not that long ago.) it’s been the staple advert everywhere. In a nutshell, it’s really like chicken soup for the brain.


As you can see, that’s a tweet from 3 months back. I eventually ended up pouring it into another microwave safe cup to heat it up. I’ve been taking Brand’s Essence of Chicken since I was young, just not very regularly.

Later on I found out that you can very safely microwave it, just uncap it first. (30 seconds on medium-high).

It is important to note that no one on my Twitter list was particularly helpful, giving me lots of silly suggestions. But anyway…


Now they’ve come up with this 14 day challenge, which is conveniently, the number of bottles they have in a box!

So here’s the thing, I’m gonna take on the Brand’s Essence of Chicken 14 day challenge to see whether this stuff will make me smarter and all that jazz. I doubt I will develop telepathy, but who knows. As I’m sure you guys know, I’m an avid party goer, and I’m hoping that drinking some healthy stuff for once will offset my alcohol intake.

As BrandsWorld.com.my puts it - “In today’s highly competitive workplace, knowing how to work smart is more important than working hard. What do you need to do to become smarter? What do you need to do to become smarter?”

As the Managing Director and all-round “kuli” of Advertlets, staying sharp is pretty essential as I have to make decisions on a regular basis. And well…the brain is like a muscle – the more you flex it, the better it gets. Being sharp and able to answer quickly is also important – I get asked questions like “Why would advertising on blogs work? Shouldn’t I advertise in the newspapers instead?”, or…”I don’t read blogs. People read blogs meh?” so I need to have smart, logical answers to counter them. (And the answers are: “Ask an 18-25 year old when was the last time they read a newspaper”, and “600,000 Malaysian readers of Advertlets blogs a day would disagree. A lot of people do, and you cannot base “me and my 5 friends” surveys to apply to everyone in Malaysia :)”

Enhancing my mental capability is also something I do on a regular basis - I actually play a few quick rounds of a version of “Scrabble” as soon as I wake up, most days. It’s called WordsWithFriends, and you should check it out. Not many people are “clear” (as opposed to “blur”) when they just wake up, so I’m actually pretty happy that I manage to come up with good words most days even after seconds of waking up. I think I should be doing even better  after taking more Brand’s. :)

There are an array of benefits surrounding the consumption of Brands Essence of Chicken on daily basis. For example, on the box it says that the ingredients are: ‘Essence of Chicken’, and ‘Caramel’. How can you argue that it’s not good for you, or even that it’s bad for you? Nonsense. The only people who would say it’s bad for you are the Essence of Mongoose fanatics. And think about it; caramel makes everything delicious: Snickers, brownies, ice cream etc. Generally the benefits are two main ones: Concentration & Memory. They actually did a clinical research study in where 175 fourth-year medical students were asked to take a number recall test, and those who did take Brand’s scored higher.

Some product info: A box of  Brand’s Essence of Chicken with 14 bottles will cost you RM67.80, which works out to RM4.80 a bottle.

It seems a bit pricy, but it’s not really – in comparision to other less healthy things you might drink or partake of such as a Red Bull Vodka for RM15. Which I take every weekend, really. Or a pack of cigarettes, which is now RM10 a box.

My current lifestyle is basically like this: Wake up, work, party, sleep. I should emphasize that the ‘sleep’ and ‘wake up’ are really close together. So it’ll be good to have something to offset my unhealthy lifestyle. I’m now on my 4th day, so it’s a bit too early to tell. But…

I’m going to let my blog readers tell me how they want me to challenge my mental capabilities over the next few days!

1. Some suggestions: Give me riddles to figure out. Or ask me to beat your score at Typing Maniac or Zuma Blitz.

2. Here’s a challenge for you: “Why are manhole covers round?” Give me your best answer.

Drop your comments with suggestions!

The best answer will win:

a) 1 Box of Brand’s Essence of Chicken with 14 Bottles

b) A hug from Josh Lim if you are female, a high-five if you are male.

Comment away!

I read some disturbing news in my Facebook feed, and clicked it. In summary, here’s what happened. Most of the official articles are in Chinese, and some people are adding unnecessary details. Here’s just the facts in summary.

Just the facts:

  • A 22 year old (Born 22nd May 1988) , ALVISS KONG (Jiangshi Feng (IT staff) committed suicide by jumping off the 14th floor of Ketumbar Heights, Cheras.
  • Before commiting suicide, he posted a note to his Facebook profile page. Prior to jumping, he took one last photo and even posted a message 45 minutes before.
  • From the note, it can be inferred that he no longer wanted to live after his girlfriend broke up with him.
  • Alviss Kong ‘s body damaged a car upon impact, and he lay bleeding until emergency services took him to the hospital.
  • He was pronounced dead at 9AM on the morning of December 10th.
  • He lived on the 5th floor of the same apartment, and has a brother and a sister
  • Prior to jumping off the 14th floor, he went to a tea stall near his apartment.
  • Both Alviss Kong and his girlfriend had blogs.
  • They had been together for 4 months, and this was Alviss’s second, and last relationship.
  • From a source on FB, I found out that Alviss Kong used to work in Berjaya Times Square. He also used to go clubbing a lot, and he liked to wear a plaster on his face as a fashion statement.

There’s a tragic amount of disrespectful comments in the FB page and some of the forums and blogs from “keyboard warriors”, unfortunately. If you’re reading this, please don’t add to it. I thought this tweet summarizes it pretty well: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/7daaj8

On Thursday 9th December 2010,  said:
People~ please respect the late alviss kong,4 months doesn’t mean that the love is nt deep,respect by nt saying him dumb or what,n fr u guys who wanna scold or slap the girl,for what?it’s nt even her wrong n we outsiders will nvr know what’s the real prob between them~

Screenshot from Alviss Kong’s blog. It’s closed now, but the Google Cache is available:

It’s quite sad reading about Alviss Kong’s perfect day with her (clubbing, school, etc) especially knowing what happened.



Alviss Kong's Perfect, Unforgettable Day



My thoughts:

This is particularly depressing for me given that Alviss is quite likely someone I have probably met or seen while clubbing. Someone that I have 15 mutual friends with on Facebook. And he’s a blogger. A girl in my Facebook list wrote on her wall about how she was very happy to have been his friend, as she used to club with him and he always had a “cute plaster” on his face, and spend late nights talking on the phone with him and sharing secrets. It’s especially sad knowing that Alviss was a fashionable, good looking guy, had lots of friends and people to talk to (judging from his pics, Facebook profile and blog posts) – but still chose to commit suicide.

I know we’ve all ‘been there’. Where you just want to turn the off switch. It really isn’t the way to go about it.

Please if you’re even thinking of suicide. There’s always a way out. And really. There will always be other girls.

Please do give them a call before you do anything – this is a counselling/suicide prevention hotline.



03-79568144 or 03-79568145

Rest in peace, Alviss.


If you know my taste in movies well enough, you know that I’m a big zombie movie fan. You can read a previous post here – Josh Lim visits Zombieland.

So when I heard of The Walking Dead a few months back, I was very excited. As it is a big budget production of a zombie TV series – about 2-3 have come before this, but none at this level of success and establishment – The Walking Dead is based on a comic book series.

The Walking Dead is currently showing on Astro (Channel FX HD), it started on November 5th. The US Airdate was 31 October, which isn’t too bad – it means we in Malaysia are just a week behind. So you’ll probably see the season finale in a week from now.

If you’re coming across this post, you’re either an avid reader of my blog, or more likely, something Googling to find out the season one finale of The Walking Dead, titled “TS-19″.

And like me, you’re probably wondering – What did the scientist/doctor (Edwin Jenner) whisper to the sheriff (Rick Grimes)?

Since I’m nice, the spoiler is after the Read More button.

Read the rest of this entry »

Image from SoyaCincau.com

Image from SoyaCincau.com

I’ve had an iPad for the past few months since August 2010 (from Australia, 32GB Wi-Fi model), and recently hype about the iPad in Malaysia is heightened due to Maxis announcing the data plans for iPad. In summary, if you are planning to buy an iPad (whether Wi-Fi or 3G), here are three important things you need to know:

1. Don’t buy the iPad now (Dec 2010). The iPad 2 comes out between January-April 2011.

2. Maxis is not selling the iPad, just the data plan.

3. Choose the right data plan. Maxis, Digi & Celcom all offer “iPad plans”. The term “iPad plan” is a bit of a misnomer actually, I’ll explain why later.

4.You may waste money paying for an ‘iPad plan’, when you just have to cut the SIM card.

Okay, the first one, and why:

1. Don’t buy the iPad now (Dec 2010). The iPad 2 comes out between January-April 2011.

If you’re in Malaysia and considering buying an iPad, your options are currently : Plaza Low Yat, or import from Singapore or Australia (those are currently some of the cheapest options).

Apple product cycles are generally one year. As an example, here’s the iPhone release dates so far:

iPhone June 29, 2007

iPhone 3G July 11, 2008

iPhone 3GS July 19, 2009

iPhone 4 June 24, 2010

(Source: Wikipedia)

As of such, with the competing Blackberry Playbook set to be released in early 2011, it is highly likely that the Apple iPad will be announced in the first quarter of 2011, as the first iPad (well, and the only one existing so far) was released on April 3, 2010. In fact, some say that the gap in release date between the Blackberry Playbook and the iPad will only be a few days.

A recent document filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange has revaled that Largan Precision will be the exclusive supplier of the next iPad’s lens module (for the iPad’s camera). They are also the same supplier that provided the 5 megapixel lens module for the iPhone 4.

Just so you know: I have both a Blackberry Torch and a iPhone 3Gs :) I’m rooting for both the Apple iPad and the Blackberry Playbook to be good in their own ways. I’ve also tried the 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the form factor is really comfortable.

And why wait for the iPad 2? Here are some of the rumours floating around (and you’ll be surprised how many are right).

This screenshot above is a only a mockup, by the way.

China’s Economic Daily says that “There will be two new cameras, one at the front and one rear facing plus a USB port and an improved display screen.” This is the same newspaper that speculated and reported on what was on the original iPad, months ahead of its release.

Here’s a summary, compiled from other rumour reports online:

  1. Dual Cameras (highly likely – because of the Apple’s Facetime product)
  2. Retina Display (likely – given that the iPhone 4 set a precedent)
  3. Micro USB (possible – European regulations demand a common standard for phone chargers)
  4. Thinner (highly likely – it can’t possibly be thicker, can it? Goes against the trend of all Apple products)
  5. 7 inch size, not 9 (possible – given that the competing HP Slate, Samsung Galaxy Tab & Blackberry Playbook are all that size. Some people doubt it though.)
  6. More memory (likely – iPhones have been continuously increasing in minimum storage size)
  7. 3D projection (maybe not, but we can wish – Apple was recently awarded a patent for 3D projection)
  8. Carbon fiber body (maybe not, but we can wish – details on the patent here)

There’s a good analysis here.

2. Maxis is not selling the iPad, just the data plan.

So you’ve been hearing the words “Maxis” and iPad” all over Twitter, most people would assume that you can get an iPad from Maxis.

You can’t. It would be great to get a carrier subsidized iPad wouldn’t it? Especially since prices range from RM1,549 for the basic Wi-Fi 16GB model to RM2,599 for the 64GB 3G model.

You have to buy your plan, and then the iPad seperately.

(I still suggest you wait for the iPad 2 though)

Here’s a list of where you can buy the iPad in Malaysia (SoyaCincau.com).

Or you could buy it on the Apple Malaysia Store and get free laser personal engraving.

You can also buy them from an ‘unofficial’ channel, iMalaysian.com, which has been selling the iPad since April 2010. You can call the shop owner, direct (016-2332426 (Louiss Lim) or follow him on Twitter (@louisslim).

He’ll even jailbreak the iPad for you and help you install apps :) They are not the cheapest, but I would recommend them for their service.

I have no relation to Louiss Lim despite also being named Lim. However I am very grateful that he help me fix my cracked iPhone 3Gs screen (Yes, I dropped it).

Most amazingly, he fixed it on the spot at Starbucks Mid Valley, within 2-3 hours for a very reasonable price. Yes, at Starbucks. He brought all his equipment. The alternative would have been to send it to Maxis for a week to repair. I don’t think any iPhone owner can survive without his/her phone for a week.

Which brings me to my next point.

3. Choose the right data plan. Maxis, Digi & Celcom all offer “iPad plans”. The term “iPad plan” is a bit of a misnomer actually, I’ll explain why later.

Image from derekdan.com

Image from derekdan.com

Maxis: From RM70 – RM200 per month

Celcom: From RM48  - RM98 month

Digi: From RM38-RM158 per month

Yes: No idea. Site is down for maintenance.

Here’s a more complete analysis of local broadband plans that you can use for your iPad, courtesy of SoyaCincau.com

Which is best? I’ll say this summarized: It really depends on where you stay.

While all pride themselves on having ‘the best network’ or the ‘largest’ or ‘fastest’ or ‘done right’, in the end it really boils down to where you stay, as coverage differs by location. A quick survey of your own followers on Twitter will yield wildly differing service quality reports on the SAME network, as long as your friends don’t all stay in the same place :)

Best if you ask people that have experience using the particular wireless broadband of your choosing  in the areas where you stay, or the places that you frequent.

Even urban areas are not exempt – have you been to Rootz, the rooftop R&B club in Lot 10? You can’t get any cellphone coverage on Maxis, let alone 3G or EDGE.

4.You may waste money paying for an ‘iPad plan’, when you just have to cut the SIM card.

Why pay for this:

When you can do this? :)

The picture above describes it quite well. The extra bits are just plastic. The working bit is the gold part. Read more on Wired / JohnBenson.net

As LiewCF says – his current Maxis broadband plans are more worth it than the “so called iPad data plans”.

RM48 per month vs RM70 per month. Should you really have to pay an extra RM22 per month just to have a special “iPad plan” (notice that I use that in quotes) just for Maxis to provide you a micro SIM?

Why pay more for that when you can ‘potong‘ your current SIM to become a Micro SIM?

So yeah, that’s it.

Hope you find this post useful. Comment if you already have an iPad, or are planning to get one.

Or you’ve beaten all the levels of Angry Birds on your iPad and you just want to boast :)

Btw if you would like to win an iPad for free though, check out Energizer Malaysia’s Facebook Page!


The World Cup is finally over as of today. Feels odd, doesn’t it? No football matches to watch tonight? What are you going to do with your life, besides move on and do what you always did the other 4 years? :)

Anyway, if you were following the World Cup this year, the name “Paul The Octopus” might have came up quite a bit. Interestingly enough, he has predicted all the World Cup matches quite accurately.

For those that don’t know:

Paul (hatched January 2008) is a common octopus living in a tank at a Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany, who is used as an animal oracle to predict the results of football matches, usually international matches in which Germany is playing. He came to worldwide attention with his accurate predictions in the 2010 World Cup.

During a divination, Paul is presented with two boxes containing food in the form of a mussel, each marked with the flag of a national football team in an upcoming match. He chose the box with the flag of the winning team in four of Germany’s six Euro 2008 matches, and in all seven of their matches in the 2010 World Cup. He correctly predicted a win for Spain against the Netherlands in the World Cup final on 11 July by eating the mussel in the box with the Spanish flag on it.[1] His predictions have thus been 100% (8/8) correct for the 2010 World Cup and 86% (12/14) correct overall.

Came across this image today (below), its a pretty interesting theory on how Paul the Octopus has been correct so far:


Heh. Magic? Octopus likes yellow? You decide. Then again, octopuses are color blind. Check out the link, and there’s also another theory about Paul preferring flags with contrasting stripes (the German flag has very high contrast).

Keep in mind also, that Paul is German, and historically, Germany has been pretty good at football over the years.

Probability wise, (from Wikipedia) “assuming Paul’s predictions were no better than fair independent coin flips, the probability of 12 successful predictions in 14 attempts is 91/1684 ≈ 0.56%” – A less than 1% chance.

Anyway, found this image today too.

Viva la Octopus Espanol!


Whether you believe in the logical explanation, or magic, or chalk it up to coincedence, this was probably one of the craziest World Cups ever – with goals that magically didn’t count as well as other mindboggling decisions by the referees, “extra goalkeepers” during the Uruguay vs Ghana match, a record number of yellow cards,  And the vuvuzela. Seriously, the vuvuzela. Aren’t you happy you don’t have to hear it anymore?

Anyway, even though the World Cup is over, remember you can catch up on your favourite moments of all the matches of the World Cup – just check out this link (Bplayer). There were a few matches I missed, and this is really one of the best legal places to watch the World Cup online from here :)

Coming soon to this blog: Party pictures (like you expect), and some interesting emotional insights and confessions (that you won’t expect…)

So there’s this new thing – the Astro Bplayer that we recently got to find out about through our first campaign with Astro. To launch it, they’ve got some very exclusive content that definitely has an audience…the World Cup 2010!

I can say that I haven’t always been an avid football fan, but this World Cup has definitely been of a lot more relevance, and I’ve found myself watching a lot more football, whether it’s at Kayu Nasi Kandar, Ecoba, Movida or even the Terrace Bar at Zouk…or just at home at my computer on Astro Bplayer! Especially since there are a record number of Asian teams in the World Cup this time. Well, they’ve all been eliminated now, but they were Japan, South Korea & North Korea (who got absolutely humiliated).

Here’s a short overview of the Asian teams in the World Cup (they are all out, but still, it’s a good read)

(That’s me in my Nike Team Korea jersey. Yes, I don’t know enough about football to form a decision, so I’m supporting the teams that somewhat look like us…)


Me in my Team Korea jersey. Yes, that's Lien from here :)

As someone working in marketing, I think its very cool that Astro is doing this – especially since World Cup broadcast rights are not easy to get (Singapore nearly didn’t get the World Cup rights this year!), and this is definitely a very good ‘preview’ to potential Astro customers. If you’re a Maxis customer like myself, you get special benefits (you get to watch even more live matches), make sure you link your account – here’s how you do it.


If you're a Maxis subscriber, do this! :)

Basically you can watch it from anywhere with an internet connection and a browser. I’m using Chrome btw. No special software required, but you do have to install the Microsoft Silverlight player (Microsoft’s answer to Flash – which actually does a better job of video streaming). From the URL bar, the videos are loaded from Akamai HD – which is a broadband video delivery platform.


Full screen shot of the Astro Bplayer. Notice that I have also blurred out my Chinese name on top, ahaha!

It streamed pretty well on my Streamyx connection (I’m just using a simple 1MB package), and I must say that it seems to have quite a smart adaptive technology – I turned on some heavy downloads (using up about 80-100KBps), and immediately the video quality dropped but the framerate remained
pretty consistent.

It’s free to watch for now, so make sure you drop by to check it out. You can also catch the recaps until the 18th of the month.

There’s a Twitter contest where you can win some really good prizes for watching while tweeting about the World Cup promoting Astro Bplayer along the way.

(Screenshot of instructions from the website)

Prizes include:


Prizes include a 42" LCD TV 3 laptops and RM100 movie vouchers (that's roughly 10 movies).

Give it a try. You never know if you might win it. I can’t join since I’m an Advertlets employee working on the campaign with Astro, but feel free to pass me the 42″ LCD TV if you win…

"he loves me - he loves me not" necklace *Scene is dark. Lights come in, silhouetting both A & B*

B: It doesn’t go further than this, does it?

A: Our relationship is not doomed, it is merely not something that belongs to the future.

B: Nice quote. Are you summizing that this is as far as it goes?

A: How long can you spread out the emotion of a one night stand? A week? A month? A year? The remaining period of your lifetimes?

B: Are you saying that love is a game of chance?

A: I’m saying it is a game of skill. Perhaps love is a game, and the winner or loser depends on who leaves first.

B: That’s pretty sad.

A: Not as sad as the one left alone in the end.

B: There are people who are happily in relationships.

A: Perhaps we are not one of them. Or perhaps, you not with me. Perhaps one of them is forever compromising.

B: And perhaps maybe, some like you don’t deserve it.

A: I once believed in the idea of love. But seeing that it was futile, I chose to optimize it to my liking. To love, be loved, and be the first to leave each time.

B: You never know if you stay, what could happen.True Love

A: You never know the pain it could bring if you weren’t the first to leave.

B: That’s negative control. That’s like saying, by committing suicide you are in control of your life.

A: Negative control is still control.

B: In that case, why bother getting in any relationship?

A: Have you heard that saying? “No one pursues pain for pain itself, but for the pleasure that comes with the pain?”. In this case, the optimal condition would be perhaps, pleasure for both of us for a time period of my choosing, and your pain after. Your pain, not mine. Perhaps, there needs to be an exit strategy for every relationship for it to be fully optimized.

B: What you’re saying makes sense in a way. But it just seems wrong on so many levels.

A: I wish you never come to the same conclusion as me. If you can embrace the fact that it was good as long as it lasted, you can free yourself from the feeling that it could be more. Good luck.

B: I hope to never lose so much hope, to think like you.

*Curtain closes, lights fade to black. End of scene*

“This may be a work of fiction. This conversation may or may not have happened. Nevertheless, be assured that some people do think this way, and I just wrote it down. And yes, the gender of A and B are vague for a reason. “

Sometimes when you look back and think of who you remember from your past, you start analyzing how it might have led you to the decisions you made, or the ones that you continue to make.

It kind of explains the ‘Korean hair’ I have. And why I’ve almost always dated older women so far. I’ve been deciding whether or not to write this for many months now, and I figured I should.

This is a story of my first love. Not my first girlfriend. When you grow up, you’ll understand that your first love and your first girlfriend are sometimes…different things with different people.

This is a story that I’ll share because I think it may be relevant to many people I know. Especially the part about what to do if someone pulls a gun on you. Yes, that’s in the story as well.

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