Late at night, my mind wanders. I guess it’s better I write things down than keep thinking about things that I am unlikely to invent or don’t have the resources to . There used to be this section on called “Lazy Entrepreneur” that was a place where people could just share the ideas that they had, and if someone liked them, they could just contact them to invest in it…or just steal the idea from there and nobody would know. So here goes what I would submit if that site were still around.

Today’s topic. Weight loss through technology!

Travel at light speed or in low gravity, and lose weight

These are going to be two possibilities in the distant future, but maybe not within my lifetime – weight loss through travelling at light-speed or in low gravity in space. Previous research has shown that astronauts undereat in space and have low appetites, mostly due to the lack of gravity. With less energy needed to lift your body off the ground, you need to eat way less. Commercial space travel is also going to be possible in the next few years with companies like Virgin Galactic (yes, part of the same Virgin Air, Virgin Music group) – the problem is more of regulations rather than being able to find paying customers – from the article : ($200,000 per person with a $20,000 deposit). As of May 2012, there are around 550 ticket-holders in line to fly with Virgin Galactic. Passengers who have already submitted their deposit include Stephen Hawking, Tom Hanks, Ashton Kutcher, Katy Perry, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie. So to go to space AND lose weight. Awesome kan?

Charge your phone, by plugging it into your own body.

As well as the possibility of burning calories and charging your phone by plugging it into your own body…converting body fat into usable electricity. Cybernetic implants/add-ons (eg Google Glasses) are gaining in popularity, but it’ll take a while before we get USB ports (or Apple’s new 30 pin port that was introduced in the iPhone, haha!)  in our body to charge our gadgets.

The problem is being able to convert energy from calories to electricity and be able to maintain an efficient enough conversion ratio, a lot of the energy is lost in conversion. For example, kinetic energy is enough to power a watch (chances are your watch is powered this way, but is not enough to charge your phone.).

You can also power a light bulb with a potato. No kidding

Nevertheless, if this body fat to electrical energy issue is worked out it makes for a very interesting proposition – staying slim and staying in touch with your phone (if you lose the connecting wire its still a problem though, lol). Of course, there’s also the potential of the USB port getting infected … or you die of starvation if you’ve left yourself plugged in too long.

Anyway, one day someone may invent these, and I’m hoping this is a blog post that they would have read in the course of inventing either. Good night.

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